Dr. Masud

"I started training at Fusion Fitness MMA in mid-February of 2011. Having no martial arts background and weighing in around 285. I was, to say the least out of shape and unhealthy. I started training at FFMMA two to three times a week. I started to love the training classes and growing in a real camaraderie with the other students at the gym. I grew in my knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing, through the classes and training that I was receiving I became healthier and my self-confidence was growing. By mid May of 2011 I weighed in at 220 and was in greatest shape of my life. With the help of FFMMA I have found a lifelong hobby and a great way to stay in shape."

Randy Siordia​

“A fun school with strong technical foundation. Get in shape, learn self-defense and relieve stress!”

Reggie Madrigal

“Great facility, great instructors. The location is close to home.”

Richard Bryant

“You couldn’t ask for a nicer set of people to learn from.”